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Carlin Dental

Color Consulting, Custom Window Treatments, Interior Design


Carlin Dental asked us to completly redo one of their two office locations. Customers and staff members saw an obvious need, as one office appeared very bland and outdated in comparrison to the other. After presenting a design plan to Dr. Carlin which he was very pleased with, he then asked if we would provide project management to see that all the work was done properly.

Dr. Carlin requested wallpaper removal throughout the entire office. Being an older building, we discovered beneath the surface, the walls were in extremely rough condition. Fortunately, we had our very high quality painting company on this job and they did a great job preparing these disasterous walls properly and making the finished product successful.

Dr. Carlin wanted bold, deep colors in the new look so that the entire office would look drastically different from the prior mid tone color that existed throughout.

The challenge was to make the existing space look the best it could, since we were not replacing everything. We did our best to find quality items such as chairs and artwork at a low cost, since the majority of the budget would be spent on contractors and finish materirals. Overall, he was happy with the more masculine look brought in, and that we took the ball and ran with it.

  • When arriving at Carlin Dental, we found a space that was dull and uninteresting, with little thought put into colors, or in creating a welcoming atmosphere.

    BEFORE: The waiting room at Carlin Dental was out-dated, with dull colors and a uninteresting feel.

  • At Carlin Dental, we incorporated a whole new color palette, featuring warm, inviting colors, new artwork, and new seating.

    AFTER: A new color palette and artwork makes the area feel more warm and inviting.

  • This space was dated, bland, and very beige, which created an environment that felt uninviting.

    BEFORE: Dated, bland, and beige. Many of the waiting room chairs were in disrepair. The large charcoal drawing on the back wall was moved to a more suitable location.

  • The new color palette featured warmer tones which contribute to the inviting atmosphere of the space.

    AFTER: We kept the carpet at the client's request and brought in a new color palette, artwork, and commercial grade seating.

  • The reception desk is functional in nature, so we left much of it as-is.

    BEFORE: The reception desk, being more functional, was to remain the same for the most part.

  • An updated color palette and custom window treatments gave this reception desk a much needed face-lift.

    AFTER: The right colors along with custom window treatments gave the entire area a face-lift.

  • The green tones in this hallway were not flattered by the fluorescent lighting.

    BEFORE: The fluorescent lighting in the hallway didn't flatter the green tones in the hallway leading to the exam rooms and office.

  • Updated paint colors in this hallway were much more appropriate for the space and the lighting. New artwork and updated framing for Dr. Carlin's various degrees, rounded out the space.

    AFTER: The tile floor, baseboards, and ceilings remained, while new paint colors, artwork, and updated framing for Dr. Carlin's various degrees brought new light into the space.

  • The bland tones were continued in the hygiene room.

    BEFORE: Since the Hygiene room had paneling underneath, new wallpaper was the best option for the space.

  • The client preferred deeper colors, which we thought was a great idea, but we balanced those deeper tones with a lighter accent wall.

    AFTER: The client preferred deeper colors, and we also brought in a slightly lighter accent wall and artwork to create a good balance.

  • The beige tones continued in this exam room where the only decoration was an old print on the wall

    BEFORE: This before photo of one of the exam rooms shows the continued uninviting feel throughout the Carlin Dental offices. The only artwork to be found was a single old print of a deer. This room had tremendous potential that we were determined to uncover.

  • We gave this exam room at Carlin Dental a soothing atmosphere with blue-gray tones and new artwork.

    AFTER: Once we discovered that the client was partial to blue tones, we brought in the blue-gray colors and new artwork to complement. We also re-purposed the charcoal drawing we originally found in the waiting room. A more calming atmosphere was perfect for this space.

  • We left the original carpet, cabinetry and furniture to maintain the masculine feel of Dr. Carlin's office.

    BEFORE: Dr. Carlin wanted this space to have a masculine feel, so the carpet, cabinetry and furniture all would remain.

  • We added a new linen textured wall covering and custom window treatments to transform this space.

    AFTER: A new linen textured wall covering and custom window treatments transformed the office, while re-framed photos and degrees personalized and finished off the new look.

  • This office space didn't offer a lot in the way of design appeal, which gave us the perfect opportunity to transform the space.

    BEFORE: This central office area was uninteresting, and purely functional.

  • We added an accent color in the form of a blue tone to bring beauty and warmth to a formerly sterile atmosphere.

    AFTER: An accent color in a shade of blue and a large colorful print bring beauty to what was once a dull, plain area.