Crafted with by Sonnet

Tennessee Performing Arts Center

Color Consulting, Interior Design


When asked to design a plan for the lobby of the Johnson Theatre at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, some of the words used to describe the look they wanted were: elegant, sleek, and timeless. A design board was created and presented to the chief operating officer, along with a list of all specifications. The plan was then given to the Director of Operations for implementation.
The main carpet was to remain in the space, but the border was able to be replaced. The paint colors set the tone for the space, while the element of red crushed velvet fabric, reminiscent of large theatre stage curtains that have existed for many years brought in a classic, timeless touch.  A mini “marquis” over the beverage serving area also brought in another timeless element with it’s bright circular bulbs overhead.
In a space with no windows, a large mural of Nashville’s city skyline provides the illusion of a beautiful outside view.  It also brings color, life, and the glamour and excitement of downtown’s nightlife, which TPAC’s patrons are there to enjoy.

  • TPAC's concessions area featured colors that were almost too vibrant for the type of space and no real defining element to draw people in.

    BEFORE: TPAC's concessions area lacked elements that would draw people in.

  • After the KGD redesign, this space now features a marquis with dimmable globe lighting and red crushed velvet curtains that are reminiscent of an early 20th century theatre.

    AFTER: A timeless element brings nostalgia and draws attention to the area. The space now features dimmable lights in a custom marquis and a color palette with more contrast and impact.

  • TPAC's main lobby prior to the KGD redesign. This space was purely functional with minimal thought given to design or decoration.

    BEFORE: TPAC's main lobby was purely functional and needed more visual interest to bring it to life.

  • The new design of TPAC's main lobby uses a more subtle color palette to bring the sleek, elegant style the client requested. Old photographs of Nashville also bring in the local flavor and a timeless touch.

    AFTER: The new design brings in the sleek, elegant look the client desired, while the old photographs of Nashville added a timeless touch.

  • The space outside the restrooms at TPAC was a mixture of bright colors and patterns without any unifying design element.

    BEFORE: The entrance to the restrooms at TPAC was a hodge podge of colors and patterns.

  • AFTER: The new design is an "upstaged" version of the same space, with hints of the glamour of New York's Broadway.

  • The brochure stand at TPAC with its oak wood finish needed an updated look.

    BEFORE: The brochure stand at TPAC had an oak finish that gave it a very outdated feel.

  • The new color palette gives the old looking brochure stand a new lease on life.

    AFTER: The new color palette completely transforms the dated stand and surrounding area.

  • The bright color scheme and odd-shaped patterns on this wall left a lot to be desired.

    BEFORE: This area of TPAC near the two theatre entrances looked like it belonged in "The Flintstones".

  • We removed the bright color patterns and replaced them with more subtle tones in both the paint and the bench fabric.

    AFTER: The right color changes in both paint and fabrics now make the same area sleek and glamorous.