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The Copper Kettle

Color Consulting, Custom Paint/Stain Finishes, Interior Design, Space Planning


The owners of the Copper Kettle were opening a new location in what was formerly “Uncle Bud’s Catfish.” They needed to work with what was already in place there since they were leasing the space. So we did our best to make the design cost effective for them. Since paint color is the least expensive but most effective way to completely transform a space (or was in this case), we first chose a color scheme. ┬áThis included bringing in desired colors from their existing logo design, and adding others which would complement, add warmth, and create interest.

The walls were covered with rough plywood, (which after many samples were created in order to find the perfect hue), our decorative painter did an amazing job with. The finish is a tinted paint & polyurethane that is vibrant and durable. The owners wanted to eliminate the corrugated shiny metal counters, but we showed them that element could be aged and toned down to add another design element (to break up all the wood) and they were extremely pleased with the results.

Although we mainly worked within the scope of the existing elements of the building, we had to meet with codes and comply with many strict standards. Our licensed architect was required to submit full plans of the entire interior of the restaurant, the kitchen, outside structure of the building, along with the patio and parking lot.

  • The Copper Kettle in Franklin Tennessee prior to Karen Goodlow Designs beginning work on the renovation project

    BEFORE: The small ordering counter originally had shiny metal and red trim framing everywhere.

  • We added industrial corrugated metal sheeting to the counter fascia, brought the wood-paneled walls back to life with a custom stain finish, and gave it the perfect atmosphere with Italian street lighting.

    AFTER: We were able to re-purpose the formerly unattractive elements that existed in the space.

  • This run-down Franklin, TN restaurant needed an update that we were happy to provide!

    BEFORE: This former seafood restaurant was in dire need of a renovation. This beverage station and cabinetry were in rough condition.

  • In this area of the Copper Kettle, we added custom stain and paint finishes with an all new color palette, along with Italian street lighting to provide just the feel for this down-home style restaurant.

    AFTER: We removed the harsh fluorescent lighting and beautified the existing area with new materials, finishes and colors.

  • This old restaurant was in dire need of a cohesive style, and this particular space was no different.

    BEFORE: Abrasive colors and finishes beneath the fluorescent lights, along with the worn concrete floor made the space feel dirty.

  • track lighting, custom faux finish, and wood stain really gave this space some personality.

    AFTER: It's amazing what the right colors, finishes, and design can do. This area shows how the color selection works with and enhances the Copper Kettle's logo design.

  • We had our work cut out for us in the seating area where checkered table-cloths and unfinished wood-paneling ruled the roost.

    BEFORE: Ceiling fans with exposed light bulbs existed throughout the space, along with yellow and red trim. The existing chairs and benches were re-used.

  • The dining area at the Copper Kettle in Franklin, TN features festoon lighting, wood stain, and warm, inviting color palette.

    AFTER: Drum lights create ambient, non-glare lighting while stained concrete floors add an attractive new touch.

  • This old dilapidated restaurant left a lot to be desired, but we could see the potential in this old space and brought it to life.

    BEFORE: For some it can be difficult to visualize and see the "good bones" that exist beneath the surface.

  • The final look of the Copper Kettle's new Franklin location brings together many design elements to create a unified space.

    AFTER: Many different elements work together. We made sure to bring in the green color that has been a part of the Copper Kettle logo for many years.

  • Most elements in this former seafood restaurant were given a new lease on life.

    BEFORE: Most elements in this restaurant were given a makeover and re-used elsewhere.

  • The copper tone in the wall finish really changes the entire mood of the space.

    AFTER: The tone of copper in the wall finish changes everything and invites the warmth and comfort that is perfect for this restaurant environment.