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The Inn at Charlotte

Color Consulting, Interior Design, Space Planning


Owned by an Artist and his family, The Inn at Charlotte was their first experience with a “bed and breakfast.”  They found the many rooms and spaces needing updating and decorating to be an overwhelming task. In an effort to do the decorating themselves, the owners painted one of the guest rooms a very bright yellow.  Part of what we do at KGD is offer our clients objective input and guidance so they end up with a space that meets their objectives.  Since bright yellow would be a little intense for most guests at a bed and breakfast, we took this opportunity to guide the owners to more subtle tones in the other spaces, which made for a more inviting and restful atmosphere. Because the budget on this project was limited, we had to be very resourceful to accomplish everything the client wanted. These photos show how adding a few elements of color and texture brought life and warmth to the common area of The Inn at Charlotte where guests gather for meals and conversation.

  • This common space where guests would gather needed a touch of something to bring it to life.

    BEFORE: This was the "common room" area where guests gather as it previously existed.

  • A new paint color and some accent touches such as colorful textiles on window valences and throw pillows made the room feel more

    AFTER: We added colorful textiles to window valences and throw pillows, as well as a new paint color to make the room feel more complete.

  • The dining area needed just the right touches to bring the room together.

    BEFORE: The owner had previously hung a large painting of his in the dining area and painted a turquoise accent on the upper wall.

  • A warm gold wall color complements the Mexican Saltillo tile floors, while long drapes frame the doorway and soften the space.

    AFTER: Several different fabrics were brought in to cover the dining chairs with colorful patterns that added an "artsy" touch. A warm gold wall color was chosen to complement the existing Mexican saltillo tile floor, while long drapes frame the doorway and soften the space.