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Carlin Dental

Color Consulting, Custom Window Treatments, Interior Design


Carlin Dental asked us to completely redo one of their two office locations. Customers and staff members saw an obvious need, as one office appeared very bland and outdated in comparison to the other. After presenting a design plan to Dr. Carlin which he was very pleased with, he then asked if we would provide project management to see that all the work was done properly. Dr. Carlin requested wallpaper removal throughout the entire office. Being an older building, we discovered beneath the surface, the walls were in extremely rough condition. Fortunately, we had our very high quality painting company on this job and they did a great job preparing these disastrous walls properly and making the finished product successful. Dr. Carlin wanted bold, deep colors in the new look so that the entire office would look drastically different from the prior mid tone color that existed throughout. The challenge was to make the existing space look the best it could, since we were not replacing everything. We did our best to find quality items such as chairs and artwork at a low cost, since the majority of the budget would be spent on contractors and finish materials. Overall, he was happy with the more masculine look we brought in, and that we took the ball and ran with it.